When a King of Hearts Meets a Queen of Diamonds - Paul Simms

When a King of Hearts Meets a Queen of Diamonds

By Paul Simms

  • Release Date: 2012-02-08
  • Genre: Reference


Being that you're reading the back cover of this book means that the front cover probably intrigues you. Are you the QUEEN of Diamonds, or the KING of Hearts, and are you truly ready to "Play To Win". If your relationship/marriage life is excellent, then maybe you read this book and smile as you agree whole heartedly. If your relationship life sucks right now, then take this book to the counter for purchase, or just simply click "Buy Now"! I wrote this book just for you, whomever you may be, and I hope you truly enjoy it as much as I do. You may wonder, how could this book possibly relate or describe at least one method or scenario as to how my current, my future, or my developing relationship can improve or balance out?...Please read on! This book is for anyone who wants to get it right and cares about success in their relationship or marriage. Ladies, this is a good book for those men who dont normally read books, and I guarantee that if you recommend he read it, there will be great dialogue or an interesting point of view from him after turning in his homework assignment to you. Each chapter is specifically designed to help overcome, adapt, and improvise the best possible simple techniques used to make relationship success priority one! Please enjoy, and I wish the best to all.